Posted by: Suzanne Griffiths | January 25, 2015

Do I pay 50% of my current child support because my oldest child turned 19 years old?

What steps should parents take regarding child support when one child becomes emancipated?

Child support does not automatically reduce by half when one of two children emancipates. The payor needs to file a motion with the District Court to modify child support.

How do I go about modifying child support and when is it effective?

Child support modifications are generally retroactive to the date of filing the motion to modify so no time should be lost in filing with the Court. A Motion to Modify Child Support should be prepared and filed as well as served on the opposing party. Both parties will need to file a financial affidavit and financial disclosures. Once incomes are determines a child support worksheet is prepared to determine the amount owing.

What will the Court factor into the Child Support Worksheet?

The Court will include the incomes of both parties, the number of overnights spent with each party, work related daycare costs, health insurance for the children and any extraordinary expenses.

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