I am a Colorado family law attorney who has specialized in complex divorces for the past 35 years. I am the co-founder and the managing shareholder at Gutterman Griffiths PC, a top-ranked family law firm in Denver, Colorado.

As a divorce lawyer who has represented divorcing spouses in over 3,500 cases, I have unique insight into the American marriage.  This blog is intended to provide a forum for me to share my insights in hopes that my experiences will inform readers about the divorce process and red flags to avoid when choosing potential partners.  As I often say, “marry in haste, repent at leisure.”  Over 35 years of watching couples split up has taught me that people often choose the wrong partners, and this blog will share my insights and wisdom about what makes marriages work—and what dooms certain marriages to fail from the start.

I graduated from the University of Cape Town with a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Law degree in 1978, and practiced in South Africa for 15 years. I was granted permanent residency in the United States, based upon extraordinary ability in the field of family law.

I handle some divorces that few attorneys have ever experienced. I am often engaged to take over the cases that less experienced attorneys have started out filing and where the client has realized that they are out of their depth.

I can be reached at or 303 858-8090

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